British Vogue 2019

Being featured in Vogue is something I could only aspire to achieve at the beginning of Paper Seed Floristry. I distinctively remember thinking to myself: ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if one day my work will be recognised for its uniqueness and style that it is good enough for Vogue’. Little did I know that 9 months down the line, the dream has become a reality that I am still shocked by!

Planning for the feature in Vogue was an exciting opportunity but it wasn’t an easy task. I want to introduce a trend that is not only unique but breaks the normality of what we know wedding flowers to be. I could not think of anything better than paper floristry because creating flowers out of paper is an art that is waiting to be explored by the wedding industry!

For my Vogue feature, I was inspired to design and create a bridal bouquet into a floral hoop. Floral hoops are a beautiful and classy alternative to the traditional bouquet. It perfectly captures the beauty of minimalism but shows such a bold statement of uniqueness that that is not often seen, and of course pairing it with handcrafted paper flowers just brings it to a new level of creativity! All of which are often represented within the contents of Vogue Magazines.

Showcasing in the bridal hoop above are roses, freesias, lavenders and lilly of the valley. All of them are intricately designed and handcrafted from paper to blooms. I create bespoke pieces like these for brides and grooms so that they can keep these everlasting art from their wedding day to admire for years to come.

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