Tatler April 2019

Earlier this year I was approached by Tatler – one of the UK’s most iconic magazine, and was given an amazing opportunity to work with them on their wedding editorial page. The whole process from the emails to design and creation happened so quickly I have not had the time to let the news sink in – that I was going to be featured in Tatler magazine!

One of my favourite stages of work is designing and creating each individual bouquet. I really enjoy immersing myself in ideas of colours, styles, and most importantly, the feelings I want each bouquet to capture. When designing this bouquet exclusive for Tatler, one word came to mind – timeless. This word resonates with me because it not only refers to the look of a product but it also represents the very reason why I create paper bouquets; it becomes a timeless keepsake to treasure forever.

Bouquet designed and created by Paper Seed Floristry

In the short time from when Paper Seed Floristry began, I feel blessed and honoured for my work to be recognised and to feature in such a prestigious magazine. This has opened doors to new exciting opportunities which I am currently undertaking and I can’t wait to share more with you, so stay tuned for more!

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